With a bachelor of design in my back pocket and a film camera, gifted from my father slung over my shoulder, I uprooted my life in Australia and landed in Canada 3 years ago. A wanderer at heart, with a dog obsession, coffee addiction, knack for vintage treasure hunting, bowerbird tendancies and a very loud laugh.

To me, nostalgia is the best reason to follow your heart and make the memories you were meant to make, with the people you were meant to make them with. Before photography, my heart and fascination with nostalgia first led me to study styling and creative direction - always tinkering and arranging my environment and surroundings to enhance their beauty, giving every piece a purpose and place in the bigger picture.

Photography has allowed me to deepen this study of nostalgia and the things that inspire it - love, friendship, family and freedom. I regard it as an absolute pleasure and honour to embed the emotions and memories of your milestones or everyday happenings in my images. I hope they bring a smile to your face, a rush of love to your heart and maybe even a mischievous twinkle to your eye.

Available for photography, styling + creative direction ... near and far.